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Tallinn Capital’s Accounts Receivable Financing Program provides an alternative financing solution to companies looking to address cash flow constraints without taking on any additional debt or equity.

What is the Accounts Receivable Financing Program?

Sometimes referred to as “Factoring”, this program allows you to sell your fully earned accounts receivable (invoices) from credit worthy customers for immediate cash. Ownership of the receivable transfers to Tallinn, and does not show as debt on your balance sheet.

A typical transaction would occur in two installments. Upon verification, approval and purchase of the receivable by Tallinn, we advance the majority of the receivable to your account. The remaining amount (less any outstanding funding fees) is advanced to you as soon as the end customer pays in full.

Who uses this type of program?

Many companies may have short or long term needs for accounts receivable financing, including:

  • Companies who require funds to pay important expenses that are due sooner than their customers 30-60 day payment terms
  • Companies who are in high growth mode and have receivables in excess of what their current bank is willing to margin
  • Companies who have seasonable cash flow and need a short term bulge in their operating credit
  • Companies who operate in industries that are not considered “bankable”
  • Companies who have had a negative credit event and are unable to obtain bank financing
  • Start-up companies who do not yet have the operating history required to establish bank financing

How is Tallinn different from our competitors?

Tallinn Capital has been providing mezzanine financing to growing companies in Western Canada for over 15 years. Our goal has always been simple – provide clients with financing solutions that will enable growth and positive earnings. We will work with you to ensure that your banking relationships move in the right direction, with the goal of an eventual migration to a conventional lender.

How do I apply?

We try to make this as simple for you as possible. Just complete the attached Application for Financing and email it to apply@tallinncapital.com. We will strive to evaluate your request within two business days, and once approved, receivables may be purchased and funded within 24 hours.

Not yet ready to apply but have questions?

Like you, we want to ensure that Tallinn’s Accounts Receivable Financing Program is the right solution for your situation. If you have questions about our program or if you already understand the program and would like to introduce yourself and discuss your current financing needs in person, please contact Shari Sentner at 403.850.3483 or Shawn Housden at 604.329.8732.

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Application for Financing

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